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After effects of H Pylori (even after successful treatment)

I was diagnosed with H Pylori back in 2009. I cleared it after my 3rd round of antibiotics treatment. Since then I have been very paranoid about H Pylori reinfection because of the cancer risk. I go back to take a Urea breadth test almost every year since and it has been negative. I've also had two endoscopy done which shows gastric, last one being in 2010. I would like to ask similar people who have successfully eradicated H Pylori, do you still suffer from gastric pains and a turbulent stomach? Because my stomach is very weak after H Pylori, and I have pains out of no where. Even omeprazole sometimes does not help. I'm also not sure if it's gastric to begin with. I'm very sick and tired of stomach pains.

Please help. 

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